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Swimming pool is a breeding ground for algae, bacteria and other micro-organisms that carry diseases. To maintain the swimming pool in a healthy and clean way, there are a number of purification treatment processes, mainly addition of certain oxidants, flocculants and filtration with specific media…all of which are available at alrayan

Swimming Pool maintenance

Alrayan pure has a team of technicians trained to do maintenance and repairs. Each client’s swimming pool will have a dedicated pool technician who will visit twice a week to clean by skimming leaves or any undesirable elements in the pool, brushing and chemical balancing to make your pools best pools.

1-Sand filter:

Sand filters, as the name implies, utilize sand as the filtering medium. While there are several types, they all work in much the same way. Sand grains are placed within a filter tank. Water flows down through the sand either under pressure or by vacuum. Consequently, the dirt in the water becomes trapped between the grains of sand. In fact, sand filters rely on some dirt being trapped in the filter. This condition actually improves its ability to remove very small particles. Sand is regarded as a good filtering media because it does not react to most chemicals. In addition, the particles are irregular in shape so they tend to interlock which creates a fine filtering material. As sand filters become clogged with dirt, the filter begins to lose its ability to clean the water. This is most often indicated by a change in pressure on the pressure gauge or reductions in flow rate through the filter. When the flow rate through the filter becomes restricted due to the build up of dirt and other matter in the sand, a process known as “backwashing” is used. Backwashing involves reversing the flow of water through the filter, which in turn causes the sand and dirt to “loosen”. As this process takes place, the loose-trapped dirt will be washed out from between the sand grains and flushed from the filter. A word of caution, however: backwashing should only be performed when the pressure or flow gauges indicate the need. This is typically no more often than once every week or two.

2-Weekly maintenance:

Alrayan pure has a team of technicians trained to do maintenance and repairs. Each client’s swimming pool will have a dedicated pool technician who will visit twice a week to clean by skimming leaves or any undesirable elements in the pool, brushing and chemical balancing to make your pools best pools.

The chlorine and PH levels of the pool water are also checked on each visit to ensure that the pool water parameters are regulated to the safest levels according to international and national safety standards. Our team of pool mechanics are professionally equipped to diagnose electro-mechanical faults and breakages to make sure that the whole swimming pool system is working at its best to continuously provide you with the relaxation and fun you need!

Following a regular maintenance program not only helps to prevent problems but also keeps the water sparkling clean, clear and inviting. Following the steps detailed here will help make maintenance easy and the pool will always be ready for use

  • Vacuum the pool to remove dirt and debris that has accumulated on the bottom. More frequent vacuuming can be beneficial but it should not be done less than once each week.

  • Check the pressure or vacuum gauges on a sand or Diatomaceous Earth filter to determine if the filter requires backwashing. Backwash following the filter manufacturer’s directions. Note: Some manufacturers produce a product that helps remove deeply-set dirt during the backwash process. Such products may help in improving filter performance during the season. If the pool has a cartridge filter, the cartridge should be inspected to determine if cleaning beyond a simple rinsing is required. Regardless of filter type, if the media is unusually dirty, it should be cleaned with a quality filter cleaner made for pool filters.

  • Add water as needed. Check and adjust pH and total alkalinity. Test sanitizer residual, adjust as needed and refill feeders as required.

  • Add a sequestering agent every week. Even if metals are not detected in the water tests they can contaminate when least expected and calcium can precipitate to form scale or cloudy water. The small amount of sequestering agent used weekly will be far less costly than the expense incurred in acid washing or stain removal.

  • Add a maintenance dose of clarifier to help the filter in removing even the smallest particles that can otherwise lead to hazy water conditions.

  • Shock oxidize the water using a non-chlorine shock oxidizer. Regular shock oxidation will help prevent the formation of combined chlorine, red eyes, odors and skin irritation. The shock treatment will also help the sanitizer work better.

  • Add a maintenance dose of algaecide. The algaecide will prevent algae growth even if the sanitizer system were to fail or in the event of heavy bather loads or rainfall.


To most of us, a pool is, more or less, a big hole in the ground. We don't see most of the machinery in a pool system, because it's usually tucked away in nearby pump room. But this is the stuff that really makes the pool work. The heart of the pool system is the water pump. In a typical pump system, an electric motor spins an impeller inside the pump housing. The impeller drives the water from the various drains through the filter and back out to the water inlets.



Pool lights give your pool a fascinating new dimension when the sun goes down. With today’s technology, enjoy brilliant LED lighting that puts on a dramatic underwater light show. Whether you have an in-ground pool or an above ground pool, search In the Swim for the perfect colorful underwater lights or an effortless floating LED light for your pool.


Heating & Cooling

The Alrayan heat pump can turn your backyard pool investment into resort style living almost year round. Get the most out of your pool by keeping it comfortable and open longer. An Alrayan heat pump will give you the flexibility of warming your pool water in the winter months. Your backyard evening events are rarely slowed down by cool weather when you have an Alrayan heat pump on duty.

Heat-Cool units have a unique reversing valve that allows the he pump to cool the pool water during the hot summer months to pleasant temperatures allowing you to swim comfortably and enjoy cool water in extremely hot temperature.

The Alrayan heating/cooling unit allows you to set your desired temperature of the pool during all the year and it will simply do the rest without the need for any additional settings