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We have best solutions in Water & Sewage Treatment Industry Our associations with leaders in their respective spheres of activity have enabled us to be labelled as a resourceful and dependable Company for the services we offer.

We believe in after sales service so much so that we have a dedicated team of marketing and technical professionals, consisting of MBA’s, Chemical & Mechanical Engineers, who could cater to all the requirements of our valued clients.

Our Capabilities

Alrayan have proven experiences in -

  • Design & Engineering
  • Project Execution
  • Training & Support
  • Operation & Maintenance

Alrayan can provides practical knowledge and insight that saves time and money for professionals in the water and wastewater industry.

We have problem-solving technology for wastewater & gray water major projects making the water valid for several uses.

Industrial Waste water treatment is gaining prominence in the UAE and under the directives of the UAE government; more and more industries are being encouraged to go in for re-cycling options, though discharge after treatment is also permitted. There is also the case of sewage treatment that is again gaining prominence in industries as well as staff accommodation and labour camps. The use of TSE for irrigation is rampant in the UAE, with more and more companies going in for the re-cycling water options

Services provided

alrayan has a well experienced design team at its disposal and leading capabilities through its design team and associations with world leaders of equipment and technology. This makes alrayan the various technologies on offer, right from anaerobic systems to the state-of-the-art MBR plants.


alrayan installation teams ensures proper installation of the plants by taking care in every phase of the installation. The installation team have exposure to various industry verticals and these experiences would help them to provide the best solution for their customers


alrayan teams experience with commissioning plants is the guarantee to our clients to ensure successful implementation.


Our team have proven project management skills that ensure proper execution and management of our projects. The project management team meticulously manage activities associated with project with ensure timely completion of the task

alrayan provides training services to all the operators who will be operating our plants. Our team ensures proper training has been provided and give support on requirements

We are committed to supporting our clients throughout the plant operation after they take over operational responsibility of the plants.

alrayan can undertake the operation of plants when requirements are made from our clients. We ensure that we deploy highly skilled operators to the site with pre-defined operation plans, supervised and supported by our various competencies.


alrayan also provides maintenance on maintenance contracts order to support our client’s operators when they come across any issues or to prevent issues from occurring. We also provide on call services depending on the nature of the issue.