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Triple Stage Alrayan Filter Premium is:

  • The Alrayan Filter Technologies 3 Stage System has launched in Ireland
  • a source of drinking water 24/7/365;
  • a reasonable price, with budget service and expendables.


  • 3 steps for purification of running water.
  • Dirt, sand and chlorine removal.
  • Filtration rate 1 litre per minute.
  • Easy installation and replacement of cartridges.
  • Compact filter dimensions.

What are the features of the model?

  • Triple stage Alrayan Filter Technologies Premium is an affordable solution for the effective purification of drinking water. Purifying is carried out in 3 stages, for each of which a separate cartridge is provided as part of the filter.
  • Water purified using the Alrayan Filter Premium 3 stage set can be used for drinking, cooking, watering flowers, as well as for vaporisation in household appliances (iron, steam boiler, air humidifier).

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